Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I had meeting after meeting this morning, followed by a fun lunch out with a friend, followed by a meeting and another meeting.


At least I didn't have to stare at the dishwasher.


Yesterday, in honor of St Patty's Day, I made the usual...corned beef and cabbage. My kids, who are HUGE pastrami fans, love corned beef. Personally, it's not my fav, but it sure is easy to make.

And for dessert? YUM, YUM, YUMMY pistachio cake with pistachio frosting. Someone snuck a rather large piece for breakfast this morning...

Supper tonight, since I have been on the go all day and Alex has a training session at 6:30pm, is TJ's orange chicken. With rice. And pot stickers. And green beans. And cake. And cake. And cake.


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