Sunday, August 5, 2007

To cry or not to cry

Today came bright and early for Michael...5:30am to be exact. He was asked to play at all 3 services at Bethany this morning, and served as a gentle reminder of his 'previous' life as a full time church worker. Alex, Brian and I worshipped at 9:30am and on the way home Alex chose to entertain me...yet again. Funny kid!

Michael arrived home, scarfed down lunch, changed his clothes and we were out the door 15 minutes later. It's camp day for Brian and we were picking up Nico along the way. They were MORE than excited for their week away from home!Their cabin is full of 8 and 9 year old boys, all of whom will be wearing these exact same, once clean clothes all week long!
And now for the crying part. Yes, I was sad to be leaving Brian. Yes, EVERYONE knows that I don't leave my children very often. But the crying came later...

See my car?

Look closely.

And cry.

Or at least pretend to.

As I got out of the car, I heard this very loud hissing sound. So did everyone else. And we watched as the car got lower and lower. And lower.

Apparently, on the way into camp, we ran over something.
Something very, very bad.

Onto the good.

A woman whom we had never met before, out of the kindness of her heart, called AAA. Which we don't have. We have towing through our insurance, which by the way, does NOT cover towing if you are up on top of a mountain. In the middle of absolute no where.

But AAA does.

Which is very different than AA, and if AAA wouldn't have come, I would have needed AA.

AND how many cars come with TWO spare tires????? Which in normal, not on top of a mountain in the middle of no where circumstances, is probably not that big of a deal.


So, here is Gary, the tow truck driver who arrived a speedy 2 hours after we called him! But hey, he came! On to the next big question. WHERE do you buy new tires on a Sunday night, 2 hours from home, on top of a mountain in the middle of no where?


I may have to rethink my ban on them.

An hour away, down the mountain. Steve, the tire guy, kept the place open after hearing our plea for help. We arrived...tow truck, cute car, grumpy passengers. An hour later (and 7 hours after leaving home...13 hours for M!) we had 2 really purty new tires on the back, or the front of my car. Who really cares where they are at this point?


Starving, and in need of really fast food, our choices were McDonald's or Olive Garden. We chose OG and were once again amazed at how much we hate their food. However, after guzzling a really fast cocktail, we couldn't stop laughing. LOUDLY. Strange people that we are!

Anyhooo, we are back home. The car is fixed. Matthew is back in California, though we won't see him until next Thursday. I can't wait! Brian is so excited to be at camp this week, and Alex is not so excited about being an only child this week. Too much parental supervision in his eyes.

By the way, the people who pulled in right after us suffered the same fate as we did. They didn't want us to feel all alone...though they only had 1 popped tire, making it much easier to put the 1 spare tire on.

We just tend to be over achievers in everything we do.


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