Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Just a Tuesday

Matthew is still gone, but we've been texting most of the day. He's out of clean clothes and money, but we'll be there on Thursday, so he's good to go. He's asked for us to bring chocolate chip cookies "just like Grandma does" because apparently, Grandma brings him cookies when he is on the road.

He also asked for a Hoagie, because the food has not been so good this tour and he is HUNGRY.

Have I mentioned that he is 17 and is always hungry?

Alex spent the night with Kyle and has been hanging out with him all day.

Michael is at work.

Brian is away at camp.

As for me?

Today I cleaned every cabinet and cupboard in this little house, and threw away SO MUCH STUFF. Whew!

And worked in my garden and picked 2 more bags of tomatoes, 2 lovely eggplant, and 4 ears of corn. Oh, and one really creepy looking bug.

I also re-became a brunette. Enough said.

And now it's Sangria time, thankyouverymuch.

Made by my naturally blond husband.


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