Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nothing Much

Michael had a conference to go to today and it's one of those that he actually looks forward to going to each year. First off, it's short...only one day AND it's close to home. Throw in the fact that it is along the ocean and he drives a convertible. And last, but not least, lots of old friends attend and it's a good chance to catch up.

A few days ago, some really good friends of ours sat us down and told us that their marriage is over. Over. Over. We've seen it coming, but it is still a shock and makes me so sad. (It's not public yet, so please don't ask me who it is...) Today, another good friend of ours who we know from Colorado but now teaches out here, told Michael that he and his wife are divorcing. Another one that we weren't blind to, but are still so saddened by. It's just not something I would have expected, and I pray that they are led to make it easy on their children, but I doubt it in both cases.


I am sad.

And when I am sad, I cook. So today I've made a roasted potato salad to go with burgers that M will throw on the grill. I also made some Provencal tomatoes and a pan of caponata with the last of my gardens tomatoes. Both will be great leftover this week. Dessert will be something with blueberries. And sugar. =0)

Tomorrow it all begins. Opening services are tomorrow, followed by lunch on campus. This is WOW week and M has auditions for his choir beginning Monday. Matthew has rehearsals from 11-8 everyday this week and his best friend is staying with us for a few weeks. Crowded? Yes, but this poor kid has been jerked around by his parents so much and knows we are his 'safe' house. What's another boy, anyway? Alex has team workouts every afternoon from 3 - 7pm and I'm thankful for the next 3 weekends where we do not have to travel with his team. Brian wants to hit the beach and boogie board, so we'll do that once or twice this week. Plus, our Disneyland passes are good beginning Tuesday, so that's in the works, too.

Summer went so fast this year!

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  1. Well Cheryl and I are fine, just a long as she continues to cook, clean and give me sex...



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