Thursday, August 2, 2007

Long Days of Summer

A mid-summer update:

We've had people over for supper every night this week. Brad (current student - LOVE the CD!), Jimmy (former student and now employed full-time church worker! Hooray!), and last, but not least...friends popped on over for a few minutes and ended up staying late into the night. Great music, fun cocktails, and wonderful conversation all around.

Alex is having an amazing summer. Lots and lots of basketball, plus a steady stream of friends are in and out. He's grown 2 inches so far and is now neck 'n neck, eye for an eye with his dad!

Brian is healthy again and we are having a fun week off. Today we're shopping for camp and playing with friends at the pool.

Matthew got hurt on tour. My worst nightmare. He got hit in the head with a contra during a run-through and blacked out. He says he's fine now, but does he have a concussion? He said ice and Tylenol helped and he was performing last night. I actually got to talk to him on the phone and he laughed when I asked if he wanted to come home. Guess not! I am handling this whole letting go thing very well on the outside, but on the inside..not so well. You can catch up with his corps here: Texas was yesterday, New Mexico today, Arizona tomorrow. Can you keep up? =0)

We are looking forward to next week. Not only will we be watching Matthew perform, but we are meeting lots of old friends at the show from OUR drum corps days!

I am over committed for the coming school year. Again. But I am NOT going to think about it (too much) until next week.

M is back in the office daily and every morning lingers just a tad bit longer over coffee in the backyard. It's so hard to jump back in...

And now, I am off to my garden. Picking and pulling and watering. We ate the 1st of the corn and it tasted just like Colorado corn....heaven! With Matthew gone and Alex at practice every night, you'd think we'd be having quiet evenings. Nope! We've got Brian, who chats more than both big brothers put together. I am going to miss him next week!

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