Sunday, August 12, 2007

Quick! Act Like My Sister!

After Matthew performed the 1st night, we were able to track him down...after being gone for so long, it was great to see him! He was happy...we had brought him food!

Knowing they had made Semifinals and were performing the next night, Michael and I went to Old Town Pasadena, which was truly charming. After walking for awhile, we ducked into a teeny tiny Brazilian restaurant and met our new best friend, Luca. There's just something about a cute Brazilian guy holding a stake of meat, especially after my 2nd (or 3rd...gasp!)Caipirinhia! It's all just a bit of a blur, but I do remember doing the Conga through the bar. I don't care what Michael says...I did NOT start it. (or did I?)

The whole weekend was so fun...1st off, THANK YOU SHEILA! for keeping Alex safe and sound all weekend. Brian was away camp, so that was easy, but Alex just did not want to sit through days and days of drum corps. (Now, if there was basketball involved...he would've been there in a heart beat!)

We kept running into people we knew...some planned, some not so planned, but so much fun! A planned visit was with Chuck and Julie, who not only went to school and sang with Michael, but Chuck was one of my instructors in drum corps. I wish we had had more time...Chuck had to judge all morning and then we had to run off to make Finals, but we squeezed in a quick visit!

Julie reminded us of a time when we were in Venice many years ago. M and I were walking with Chuck, when a group of 'hot' Italian 'chicks' were walking by. Michael dropped my hand, pushed me away and said, "Quick! Act like my sister!"


So many stories, so little time. We will definitely squeeze in a visit on our next trip up north, whenever that may be!

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