Friday, August 17, 2007

A Night at Nick's

We have this neighborhood, hole in the wall Italian restaurant that we discovered 7 or 8 years ago. It's the type of place where we walk in and they immediately get us a table (even if there are people waiting!), pull our same bottle of wine, and get the boys drinks. It's our version of 'Cheers' and we are there almost every week. The food is amazing and we have even had discussions about buying out the owners when they retire...we love it that much. (Before you freak out, it is just talk!!) We never go on a Wednesday because Hector, our favorite waiter, is off on Wednesdays. If you've ever eaten out with Michael, it is a true experience. He talks to EVERYONE, and we've had our fair share of wait people join us for coffee after we've closed a restaurant. By the time we leave, he knows whether or not they are Christian and why or why not, what their favorite food is and what kind of car they drive. It's crazy, but we know everyone at Nick's and they know us...which in all the hurriedness (is that a word?) of southern CA, we truly appreciate!

A couple more pictures from yesterday, before my camera was dropped.


Brian, after camp.

Nice car! =0)

Trying to get in the house...ended up having to use the back door. Lovely!

My crazy Alex!

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