Monday, June 4, 2007

No Time To Breathe

And no new pictures, either! 

Our lives have gone from busy to busier, though at least there are now two of us doing the driving. 

Last week brought the in-law's, a choir concert for Matthew, drum corps in a far and out of the way place, and a basketball tourney for Alex...with 4 games in all. Add in Logan's 1st birthday, a family dinner at Nick's, Michael singing at three church services, and you have our weekend. (Did I mention MP's open house and Brian having the flu?) 

This week brings 3 band concerts, a choir installation, and a much needed weekend get away...but more on that later! 

Alex had an amazing game on Saturday. Down 1 point with 9 seconds on the clock. He gets fouled and has an 'and 1'. Steps up and makes both free throws and his team wins by 1 basket. Last year on that same day he broke his hand and the Dr's weren't sure whether or not he would play basketball again. God is so good!

On a side note...we are sneaking in some fun time while the boys are in school. We found a great new Mexican restaurant that will now make its way to the top of our Happy Hour list! 

We definitely have our priorities straight...

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