Sunday, June 24, 2007

Melon Mania

Last May while Michael and I were in Italy, we ate the best Tuscan melon while in...well, Tuscany. Florence, to be exact. We bought it at a market and devoured it while on a picnic, and then I had an idea. (Scary!) Like a freak, I gathered the seeds in a napkin and stuck them in my pocket. Fast forward 13 months, and my brilliant idea worked...we have a 'real' Tuscan melon in the garden! It's been hiding it's pretty little self under a bunch of leaves, but while watering this morning I found it...and 5 others. If only I had brought home that leg of prosciutto to go with it!

Saturday night we saw Matthew perform for the last time until later this summer. We loaded up our car with a bunch of his friends, and met up with Greg, Joanna and Katharine at the show. We were able to see him afterwards before they packed up and drove all night to Arizona, where they performed tonight. He'll be home tomorrow night and then flies to Chicago on Tuesday and won't be home for 2 1/2 weeks. Do I like it? NOPE! (But I am glad he's having fun...)

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