Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day

OK...so I am a little behind! =0)

Father's Day means one thing in our house...the beginning of Drum Corps. PC holds its Sneak Preview every year on Father's Day, which in Michael's eyes is perfect. We drove Matthew to practice (45 minutes away), went to church (30 minutes back), came home for a quick lunch (30 more minutes), hurried out to Alex's basketball game (20 minutes away), home to change, (20 minutes) and then back out to catch Matthew's show (45 minutes). Oh, and then back home again (45 more minutes).

Just a tad bit of driving.

Back to drum corps. For those of you (and you all know this!) who don't know, M and I met in a drum and bugle corps way back when. As teenagers. And fell in love. And got married. And found out on a Father's Day long ago that we were going to have a baby. And that baby is now in a drum and bugle corps. And that baby's corps performs on Father's Day.


Once the season begins, Michael will spend lots of time going over scores and placings and judges recaps. To him, this is relaxing. To me? Not so much. (But I really like him, so I pretend to listen intently.) We catch as many shows as we can, and this year is extra special. For the first time ever, finals are on the West Coast...at the Rose Bowl, and we are going!

Extra cool.

A little side note...I just want to say publicly that my children are the most blessed children. I not only have an amazing husband, but he is truly, truly, truly a wonderful, kind, loving, supportive, hands-on dad. They see everyday how a husband should treat a wife, and how a father should treat a child.

Thank you, God. =0)

And one more thing...a very Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law, who raised this boy and trained him to be the kind of person he is today. Thank you!

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