Saturday, June 30, 2007

Last day of June

It takes a lot to get me in a funk, and today I am in a funk. We've been battling our health insurance and I am at the point where I don't care anymore, even if I know that they are doing the wrong thing. Matthew is gone (Minnesota today) and I just really miss his presence when he is not here. The dishwasher is only half working. Sigh. But the biggest thing of all is the door knob. The front door knob is broken, and it takes an act of God to be able to get in and out of our house. What should be an amazingly simple thing to do....replace it!, isn't such an amazingly simple thing to do.
We've lived in this house for 11 years tomorrow. It's the 1st home we ever owned, and it took a lot of struggling for us to even make it work back then. 6 weeks before we moved to California, we were starving students with 2 children and $400.00 in our checking/savings account. If that. Suddenly, Michael was a college professor and we were homeowners of a house we bought sight unseen. That I hated when we first drove up.
And then I fell in love. With my home, my neighbors, my neighborhood, the schools, the location to Michael's work...and 11 years later, to the itty bitty mortgage.
But the door knob is broken.
It's not just a door knob, though. Our windows are almost 30 years old and half of them don't shut. The other half don't open. And the front door is crooked and warped. If you buy new windows, they throw in a new front door. For free! The locksmith would then be able to come once to key both the front and back doors together. All in all, it's lotsa bucks.
However, our furnace/AC is also almost 30 years old. And they tend to get tired in the middle of running and stop running to take a rest. Which is fine if it is not 95 outside. Again, lotsa bucks.
But it's bigger than that. Either we put the money into this house, or we move to a bigger house. With a bigger mortgage. But more space. The funny thing is, we live in the smallest house out of all our friends, yet everything is always here. My boys friends are always here. Parties happen here, even if we are gone. This house just has a very, very happy feel to it. But it IS small. Tiny, in fact.
We've been living with the broken door knob for about 6 months, but just last night Michael couldn't get it opened and had to come in through the back door. (Which actually made us laugh for quite a long time...especially when our neighbors stopped by and we had to wave them around, too!)
So, because of the door knob, we have a big decision to make. We are heading out on vacation and have decided to have a decision made before we come home.
And walk in through the back door. =0)

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