Friday, June 29, 2007

All About Alex

Today brought 4 hours spent in the car taking Alex for his cast and Brian to a new chiropractor. Alex has found that taking pictures of himself makes for great entertainment...

...and so does my lipstick!

Simple pleasures! =0)
Brian was watching every move his big brother made from the back seat...too funny!

As for the current injury...a stress fracture to his right foot. He'll be in an 'air' cast (Thank you, Amy! It pays to know your Dr!) for a few weeks, though he seems to think he is playing basketball games this weekend. NOT!
I've been dealing with health insurance woes (more on that in a later post, after I've had time to chill!) and was feeling pretty stressed...and then Tammy called! (From my favorite Boulder restaurant, too.) =0) My dearest friend from Colorado, who along with her gorgeous husband, Chris, have 3 daughters. I told my boys it was time to go back to Colorado to choose a wife, and Alex says, "I'm NOT marrying my cousin!" I've been hoping some inter-marrying would happen, but whose idea was it to start this whole Aunt/Uncle/cousin thing???? It's backfiring!

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