Thursday, June 28, 2007


Kathy came to visit! There was only one problem, we had to stand outside next to the car the whole time. She was borrowing a friends car and somehow managed (?) to not be able to restart the car once it had been turned off. Which in all honesty, I am never going to be able to forget, and will remind her of it each time I see her.


Anyway, Kathy is our amazing foodie, Italy loving, music loving, Harry Potter friend, (we cried together on the phone after reading the last book!) who left us to move to the East coast. And came back to visit looking young and healthy and happy. Somewhere, she has tapped into the fountain of youth. And got an amazing new hairstyle to boot. Maybe next time she'll be able to come inside, or maybe we'll just have dinner in the running car!

Greg and Joanna and crew were supposed to come for dinner, but baby Logan woke up from his nap with a high fever. With Kathy gone early, (before she ran out of gas! Bahahaha!!!) no dinner plans, and no Matthew to drive, we did the next best thing...margaritas! The first of many to come this summer! Add a few burgers on the grill, a little corn on the cob, and we were set to go.

A student of Michael's knocked on the door just as we were sitting down, so we fed him dinner and the two of them were able to talk. I love that his students, both old and new, feel they can just stop by if they need to's the part of his job that I like best.

It turned out to be a really nice evening.

As for today, I did my Meals on Wheels run and picked up Brian from VBS. Michael and Alex squeezed in sushi after having Alex's foot xrayed - more on that later. As for Matthew, he has a show in Oswego, IL tonight. Praying for safe travels for him...

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  1. I found the picture!!! After all these years. Amazing. I did make your blog. You are wonderful.
    Love, Kathy


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