Wednesday, June 27, 2007

1st Week of Summer

I can feel it coming...late nights and lazy mornings are right around the corner. Are they here yet? Not so much, but they are close!

Brian is at VBS this week, so we've been out of the house by 8:15am. Alex has basketball camp every afternoon this week, but was hired to work at the morning camps also. He's pretty excited about his first 'job'...making money playing basketball? All is right in his world!
And Matthew? He flew out on the red-eye last night for Chicago, and is in Plainfield, Illinois for the next 2 nights.

Michael is working today and I am cleaning (shhhh!) the house as we speak. It's a tad too quiet for me and I even have Bruce Springsteen (just LOVE his newest CD!) blaring on the stereo. I asked for quiet and I've got it. =0)

Last night after Matthew was dropped off, we took Alex and Brian and went to our new favorite Mexican place and had dinner. This picture looks disgusting, but LET ME TELL YOU!, it was the most amazing tomato soup I have ever had. I love tomato soup. Good tomato soup, not the stuff from a can. This soup was a roasted tomato soup and it was smoky, and creamy, and spicy. YUM! It was the special of the day (and perfect with a lobster taco and sangria) and so Michael asked how often it is on the menu. The answer? Once a month. Once a month? Yes, only once a month. I may have to camp out so I don't miss it!

We then walked over and saw 'Evan Almighty'. Very cute...not one we will buy, but worth seeing and discussing after. It was a great movie for all of us to see together, that we all liked, which isn't always easy with an 8, 13 and 17 yr old!

Back to cleaning for me! Later Gators! =0)

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