Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ok. I Sweat.

This morning I woke up.

 I'm always glad when that happens.


Anyway, I woke up and did the normal things one does when they wake up...I checked my email and talked to my kitties and took a shower and drove Brian to school and then I went to Bible Study.  And after bible study?  Lunch (AGAIN at Plum's because this burger and I are attached in a bad, bad way) with some of my favorite people.

This beautiful girl is my future daughter in law.  My son doesn't know it yet...but soon he will.  They've been friends for like forever and I just love her.  We (my girlfriend, my girlfriends mom and Jordyn) planned the whole wedding to get the groom on board.


After eating that HUGE burger, another girlfriend texted the words 'let's hike' and I, of course, said yes.   It was hot and I had a 20 lb burger sitting like a lead weight in my stomach, but I went anyway.  I'm glad I did it, but it was HARD.

Fun...but hard.

41.8 miles total so far this month, thankyouverymuch.


Tonight that guy that I like so much drove up to hear Matthew's very first concert at his new school, so he'll be home super late.  Brian is at the gym, Alex is closing at work and I'm home all by my lonesome.  Just me and my iPhone, which is currently resting in a bowl of rice.  I'm too embarrassed to even tell anyone how my phone got water damage...well, except to say that I sweat on my hike.  A lot.  Like, I might have to buy a new phone kinda sweat.


Lesson learned: don't tuck a phone where it shouldn't be tucked.  

I never even ate supper tonight...that burger filled me up and I only ate half of it.  Or maybe it was the fact that the presidential debate was on tonight and that made me not hungry.  I'm pretty set (ok...very set) on who I am going to vote the election over yet?  

In happy news, my oldest is sleeping here tonight, though I probably won't see him...I've got an early morning and he is only down this way to pick up his early Christmas present.  A new bike....the perfect thing for a poor grad student to get around town with.  I'm hoping I get to see him for a bit in the morning...I need to inform him of his upcoming nuptuals.



  1. I'm all in for planning a wedding! :0) I love the way you write!! xoxo

  2. I have questions for you after this post - including why all the hiking? but I know you don't rep,ly to o ur comments - no time probably - so, how about I stop by next turs. Before I go swimming & Bible study group? Say...around 4:30 for half an hour? I'll phone you on Monday, if I remember. :-)


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