Monday, October 1, 2012

A Much Needed Weekend

On Friday morning I hit the road early that this was the view out my bathroom window while I was getting ready at dark o'thirty in the morn.


I headed to one city and fired someone, drove to another city and fired someone, drove to yet one more city and fired someone.  Sheesh.  I'm only called in for the difficult ones and by the time I finished the  third one I was just done with crossing guards.  Forever.  But then the afternoon came and I had to deal with the one who was wearing ski goggles on the street corner because God obviously thought I had just one more in me. goggles?  I kept waiting to see if I was being punk'd...but alas, it was just one more crazy situation I had to be involved in.  

By the late afternoon, though, I was sitting at the bar in my cute little kitchen.  That guy that I like so much cooked and I just sat there telling him the tales of my day.  His answer to my woes?  Limoncello followed by supper out in our little my pj's.

I needed some recovery time...and my pj's helped.


Saturday morning there was a hike with a girlfriend while the sun shimmied itself awake over the mountains.  It was quiet and cool and snake free....probably because we had her dog along to protect us.  I love the early mornings....especially the ones where I can just roll out of bed, throw my hair in a pony and slip on my tennies.  Add in a girlfriend, fresh air and a skinny vanilla latte?  


Saturday afternoon found us doing what is keeping my chiropractor in business....sitting in bleachers.  Basketball this time around is SO much more relaxing for the parental unit...and, I have to admit, a little more lonely.  This is only week 2 and we have yet to get to know any other's just a little hard when you've just spent 8 years with the same group.

Oh will happen.  The team bonding thing, that is.  Brian, in the meantime, is a definite chip off the big brother to watch him play.


Sunday after church, the brother barber shop was open for business.  I love that.  I don't love all the hairs that end up tracked into the house after, but I love that they get along so well.  Most of the time.


And here I now the garden following a dinner of roast chicken and potatoes and brussel sprouts followed by a piece of my hidden stash of See's candy.  All the laundry is done, I'm caught up with my bible study homework, football's been watched and I even cleaned out my closet. 

I might've even taken a little snooze in my comfy chair this afternoon...ahhhh, the perfect Sunday afternoon.

This weekend felt like a weekend.  A Sabbath.  Even though we had places to go and people to see, it still felt quiet.  Good quiet.  Still quiet.  The kind of quiet where you feel yourself resetting back to where you need to be.

I'm ready for the new feels good to be able to say that.


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