Monday, October 29, 2012

All Were Home

This morning on the trail was SO cold (I've gotta buy a new sweatshirt.  pronto.) but felt so good to be out there getting it done.  Are you ready for this?  So far this month, my total miles on this trail equal 74.1 miles.  In a month.

That's just...crazy.  


Anyway, it was a beautiful morning until I read the email from my boss on the way home and now I am in a bad mood.  Really bad mood.  Oh, and I sent a scathing reply.  Maybe I'll be unemployed by noon?  Not really, but I'm mad.  Really mad.  So let's just go back and relive my happy weekend...ok?

My oldest came home for the weekend.


Happy, happy momma.  Happy, happy brothers.  It was just fun to have them all under one roof for a few nights even if I did have a bike in the hallway the whole time.  My question...aren't bikes ridden outdoors?  And if the answer is yes, then why can't they sleep outside as well?

Oh well...let's go back to the fact that my oldest came home for the weekend.  Bike and all.


For the girlfriend who had a tough weekend...pumpkin bread pudding with (not pictured) salted caramel sauce.

I did keep a little chunk for that guy that I like so much....but shhhh, don't tell.


Lunch out with my two, rather ginormously tall younger boys.  Seriously, I'm shrinking.  Or they're growing.  Or both.

For the prodigal son...a steak dinner by candlelight, hence the poor picture.  Steak for him, mashed potatoes for the boy in the middle, asparagus for that guy that I like so much and chocolate chip cookies for dessert for the babe of the family.  All were happy and full.

Sunday morning, Matteo played for church on a horn he bought off ebay.

Money wisely spent.


Sunday afternoon...that guy that I like so much, who is spending his sabbatical singing, sang.  How fitting.  He's one of the guys up there in the black shirts with the grey ties and if you're interested, they performed Elijah with a cool soloist from the Met.  

It's a lot less pressure on me (because it's all about me...right?) when he's not the conductor.  No worrying about him falling off stage, which is my normal thing to do during concerts.   I did find myself wondering why no one told the conductor of this concert that his pant leg was tucked into his shoe...doesn't he have someone double check stuff like that?  

Aside from the way my brain works, the concert was phenomenal.


So here we are on a Monday morning.  None of the laundry was done over the weekend and I was just informed that there isn't a clean towel in the whole house.  I guess I better get on that...wouldn't want someone to use a towel twice or anything.  


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