Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Date Night

On Friday the bank called after we filled the 4th car of the day with gasoline (at 4 different gas stations yet all with the same card because for some reason, every single car I got in to was on E) and apparently that's a red flag situation.  I was too much in shock over the amount of money we had just pumped into those vehicles that I almost checked myself into a padded room somewhere...but then I realized I'd probably have to drive myself there and driving uses gas and gas costs money.

It's a never ending cycle.

That guy that I like so much and I, in between filling up cars with gas, decorated our little house on our little street with all her harvest finery.  We've got hay and cornstalks and punkins and spiders...both real and fake.  The only thing missing is one box...the box that has those certain items that tie it all together. Anyone know where it is?  Cuz we sure don't...

After decorating we RAN FOR THE EXIT.  Ordered pizza for the boys, climbed into the cute, full of gasoline car and went on a date.

Beef tips from Maggiano's?  Yes please.  Can we afford them?  Nope, but we ate them anyway.  And they were worth every. single. bite.  That sauce?  Oh my.  It was everything I could do to not bend down and lick the plate.


After dinner we walked across the street where our sweet, adorable neighbor, who works the box office, scored us some freebies for the Jane Monheit concert.  The best part about free tickets?  No guilt when you leave once they bring out the 2nd act...even if means climbing over the love birds at the end of the row.


That guy that I like so much was happy as a clam...a night out involving beef, a bottle of really good wine, and a sultry jazz singer who he swears (along with every other male in attendance) was singing right to him.  

Simple pleasures.


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  1. I'll have to check out her music. We have recently been listening to Sophie Milman. She is also a jazz singer and does some jazz versions of show tunes. Mike didn't realize he was listening to show tunes until I told him...LOL. Dinner and a concert is always a great date night.


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