Friday, August 10, 2012

This Week

Ready for another icky picture?

The 'what we thought was an infected spider bite but turned into something really, really strange' owie that grew and grew.

It started out small and by the end of the week, the babe of the family was on more meds than I could count and we had alarms going off every hour to remind us of what to do when.

It. Became. HUGE.

MRSA? Viral? Bacterial? Fungal?

The mystery continues but praise God, it has healed.  Sadly, though, it became deep enough that he will have a wicked scar.  

Boys think that's cool.  


Yet another crisis in our little house on our little street...we've got a fig tree issue.

Turns out birds like figs and cats like birds and I am now a screeching woman with a broom in my hand going after both the birds and the cats to get away from my precious fig tree.

Those figs?  They make me happy.

Don't mess with my happiness.

Boy # 2...won't you smile for your mama?

I'll give you a cookie!


Lots of early morning hikes this week before the sun got too high in the sky.

This week alone?

15 miles.


Our garden is my happy place.

Need my credit card for gas?  Sure thing!  Can I have friends over to eat all our food?  Yes!  Should I jump off a bridge?  Go for it!


Not much going on today...we're off to buy a new printer because in what has become the summer of all things breaking,  our printer decided to follow suit.  I'm back to work (sort of, but will be officially on Monday for a few hours here and there) and I need to be able to scan and print stuff.

We're going to squeeze in a matinee today, too...most likely with my big purse filled with lunch.

Other than that, not much.  And that's ok.


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  1. OKAY, that hu-mon-go booboo is nasty looking!!! And SCARY!!!!


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