Friday, August 17, 2012

Good Eats and Hot Weather

 In honor of Julia Child's 100th birthday, we chilled and popped open one of our special bubbly's and served it with some scallops in pesto.


And while I'd like to say that I slaved away at this appetizer, I didn't.  I preheated the oven to 400 degrees, opened the Trader Joe's package and popped these puppies in the oven until they were hot and bubbly.

I did; however, work at the main course.  Sauteed chicken breasts topped with arugula, crispy pancetta, figs, blue cheese and an incredible warm vinaigrette...the recipe is from Tyler Florence and I can tell you with all honesty, I did not alter his directions one bit.

It. Was. Perfect.

It's been hot here and our AC has been running most of the time, with the exception of our suppers in the garden.  It was so warm last night though, that I was a bit jealous of the cherub tucked under a tree where it was most certainly cooler.

I do like the warm has me day dreaming of pumpkins and hot tea, and cupcakes.

For some reason I have had cupcakes on my brain lately.


Our fig tree is EXPLODING with figs.


I'm making fig jam.  I cannot believe the day has come where we have so many figs that we can't possibly eat them all and get to make jam.  I'll probably only get a jar or two...but still, that's a jar or two more than I had today!


I'm back at work supervising crossing guard programs in more cities than I can count...well, that's not true.  I can count them.  My work cell is not comfy for all the calls I need to make so I borrowed Alex's handset.

I'm telling ya...retro rocks.  Old school really is better.

I'm reminded of that tonight...I accidentally deleted a very large folder off my computer.  It's lost in cyber space.  One click and was gone.

I'm struggling to find the bright light in that situation.

I am finding light in some little things that have been happening in my life this week...little glimmers of light amidst quite a bit of darkness.  Lunch with a my former boss turned friend who is moving next week, yet I am so grateful that she took a chance on giving a stay at home mom a job.  A job that gives me the flexibility to work primarily from home while my boys are in school.  Then there is the friend who prayed with me over one of my boys who just needs a few extra prayers right now.  Nothing major in the big scheme of things but he is moving in a few weeks and starting grad school and nothing seems to be falling in to place as easily as he would've wanted.  And then that guy that I like so much, who puts up with my 'I have no patience for technology' outbursts...fixing what needs to be fixed and then talking in his quiet 'teacher' voice until I no longer hysterical and wanting to jump off a bridge.

Lots of light.


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