Monday, August 13, 2012

Summertime Weekends

Every morning when I wake up, my kitchen is clean.  It stays clean throughout the day and then BOOM...nighttime hits.

I've tried squeezing my eyes tightly shut, spinning around three times to the right and twice to the left and then opening my eyes again with the hopes that all will be cleaned up and put away but doesn't work.


Lots of boys equals lots of shoes.  Lots and lots of shoes.  

Little boys have little shoes...big boys have ginormous shoes.

 Summertime grilling in at an all time high...I'd say we grill 3 or 4 times a week.  As for me, I'd be happy with a platter of grilled veggies...but my carnivores disagree.  While they love the veggies, they would just stare at me with big droopy eyes if that was all that was served.

My men folk need meat.

This weekend, along with the usual grilled burgers and then a whole meal of bbq ribs with homemade baked beans, we had one of my favorites...grilled pizza.

It was national s'mores day, so I made a s'mores pizza...I spread nutella on the crust, topped it with marshmallows and crumbled up graham crackers and then warmed the whole thing thru.

It was the nastiest thing ever and got thrown out.

Oh well.

My personal faves?  Grilled veggies, pesto and fresh mozzarella and then one with sausage, peppers, onions and dollops of herbed ricotta.


This whole weekend was HOT...but not too hot that we couldn't spend hours upon hours in our little backyard every single night. between watching hours upon hours of the Olympics.  While I love that they've been on, I need them to end.  So many good stories that I don't want to miss...but I do miss my sleep.


Monday?  It's back to work for me for a few hours...thankfully all from home.  Matthew is traveling again this week and Brian, whose leg is healed finally, has a weird ear thing happening so guess what?  We get to go back to the doctor!  

The good news?  The child can still hear whenever we whisper anything and are standing 45 feet away from him.

The bad news?  He now knows what he's getting for his birthday in a few weeks.


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