Monday, August 27, 2012

Quick Road Trip

Our good friends were hosting a college reunion this past weekend and in total Busch family form, we decided at the very last minute to go.  We hadn't had any type of family vacation ( in college, remember?) and I was itching for some sort of getaway.

I planned the whole thing...rented a van (because even though I drive an SUV, not one of my tall boys fits in the 3rd row anymore and I certainly wasn't going to squeeze back there!), booked a hotel room in San Francisco and dug out the 'only use in an emergency' credit card.

I was excited...excited because this may very well have been our last getaway as a family with Matthew moving this week and all.

And then the night before we were going to leave (and remember...we only planned this two days before) Matthew got a job that was to start right away up where he will be moving to.  Suddenly, we were down to four of us.  Ten minutes later, Alex gets a call to work out with the college team and boom, then there were three.

I cancelled the van rental and the hotel and we cut the weekend away down to the bare minimum.

Oh well.

The 13 year old...well, he couldn't even hide his glee at being an only child for the weekend.  He settled in to that backseat like it was his very own apartment...he had his pillow and blanket and pj's and wifi and snacks and was as happy as a clam.

He is the best. traveller. ever.


We drove 7 hours in order to meet our friends for dinner (where Holly called our old crush and begged him to come...and he did!  And he's still dreamy!), crashed at my sister in laws house (where we picked avocados, somewhat illegally off the neighbors tree) attended a really fun party in a totally cool mansion and then drove home again.

It was fast and furious.

The party?  A big reunion.  Really fun.  The funny thing is...these were all that guy that I like so much's crowd, yet I just finagled my way right into the mix and made them MY crowd.  Typical.

Anyway, it had been almost 30 years since we had seen most of these people.  30 years.  

I blinked and 30 years went by.

How can that be?  

We then turned around and drove back home...only this time we stopped at all of these fun food places...we had cioppino (well, the boys did) that won in a Bobby Flay throwdown and danish pastries from an episode of something or other and bottles of wine from our favorite vineyard.

We stopped and ate the whole way home.

The drive...all 17 hours we spent driving in the last few days, was actually really fun.  Brian is a great traveller and that guy that I like so much and I had many, many hours to talk and laugh and dream and reminisce and sing and contemplate how our lives are changing...changing from a family with three in the backseat to a family with just one.

And you know what?  That's not such a bad thing.  I never thought I'd say that, but watching them grow up is kinda fun.


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