Friday, May 25, 2012

Warming Up

This week has flown by...the school year is sort of wrapping up around these parts (even though they are in school until the 3rd week of June) with all sorts of extra activities.

Alex's school held what he calls a ditch day (it was really a senior trip) and while he and all his friends were bussed to Six Flags, that guy that I like so much took advantage of our annual passes and headed to California Adventure.

It was one of those lovely days...we strolled.  We rode Soarin' Over California (my favorite) and then we ate.

Ate well.

Things like a roasted veggie salad and fritto misto.  On my list of things to do this a fry daddy.  Mama is gonna fry things this summer...and mama wants to be able to do it outside.


Bread baking is still in full force around here.  I bought this book and have read it cover to cover and if you eat bread the way my family does, this is the answer to keeping fresh bread in the house all the time.

The smell of fresh bread?  Almost too much to handle.

Warmer weather tip toed in and then tip toed back out again...but I feel like it is right around the corner and wanting to stay.  We've had a few suppers outside...chilly suppers, but the garden is in full bloom and it is so pretty back there.  The fig tree has so many buds on it, as does the lemon tree and the tomatoes are starting to ripen. 

Summer is coming.  I can tell.

Today we are going to breakfast as a family, followed by a movie.  Then home to begin the mountain of laundry that has accumulated all week and begin the cleaning out of various closets...I'm feeling the need to spring clean.

I'm actually feeling the need to lay in the sun and read a book while someone else spring cleans my house but I'm pretty sure that's not the way it will play the next best thing is to just do it myself.


And could someone please tell my baby that he's not allowed to grown up anymore?

Thank you.


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