Monday, May 7, 2012

Graduation Weekend

Friday Night:

Family supper, of which only two family members decided to and that guy that I like so much.  Two decided to go play basketball and one wasn't living here yet so he was off the hook.

It's ok was hungry and ate your share.  You snooze (or make mom mad); you lose.


Saturday Morn:

Baccalaureate.  Gotta say, graduation at small Christian colleges is done big and done well.  Not sure that guy that I like so much would agree (he does it every. single. year and it's an all day thing) but I had a ball.

The other two stooges brought a football and escaped for chunks of time.

Saturday Afternoon:

He's done.  Finito.  

With his Bachelor's, that is.  

And yep, I was the sloppy crying mama (complete with hiccups) in the audience.

I'm allowed.


Saturday Evening:

After a rather fast supper out, the move home began because there's nothing like planning ahead.  

I'll go out on a limb and call it 'dumping' rather than 'moving' because piles and piles came in, were dumped wherever and left.  

Sunday Morning:

Up and out by 3:00am for a rather early morning flight to Europe.


Sunday (later in the) Morning:

The good thing about a baccalaureate service is that it counts as weekend church. Brian and I headed to downtown Disney (about 20 minutes form our little house on our little street) and had breakfast with our most funnest friends ever...friends we've known since college.

Mickey waffles plus the Liberatore's equals a very, very fun and tasty few hours.

Sunday Afternoon:

Home to cook for a bunch of guys coming over for the big Lakers/Nuggets boys are HUGE Denver fans but everyone else are Lakers fans.  Made for a rather loud get together...I remained on the premises (with this group?  No question!) but watched lots of trash TV in the other room.


Sunday Evening:

I may or may not have paid $.99 for an iPad game.

A game for my cats.


Sunday Late Evening:

Waited to go to sleep until my crew landed in when flights are delayed due to maintenance.  Not.  But all is well and their adventure has begun.

I'm lonely already.  Sigh.

Sunday Late Late Evening:

That 1,001 chocolate chip cake I bought for the boys and their friends?

980 of those mini chocolate chips are EVERYWHERE.  The ants are thrilled.  My cats are too busy playing with their iPad to care.  I mop the floor because that's what one does at the end of a long weekend.

How was your weekend?


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