Thursday, May 31, 2012

Settling In

Basically, there is a male in every single crevice of my little house on my little street.

Everywhere I turn, a male.  Not just a male, but a male's stuff.  You know the stuff...wet towels, basketballs, shoes, dirty dishes.  Lots and lots of stuff for lots and lots of males.

Problem is...I'm  girl.  

We're doing the annual dance right now...the dance where all these males begin settling in to summer and settling in to the fact that there is a momma who does every little thing for them.  The momma who is ready and waiting to serve them 24/7....the momma who makes lunch like a short order cook.

Problem is...I am looking for that momma, too, so there has been a little bit of let down for all of us lately.  


Needing a little break,  I escaped for a day at the spa.  Or, rather, the lab where they took half the blood out of my body while chatting about what a nice day it was outside.  It seems like the older you get, the more blood they take out of you.  When the tech finished and said 'that's it!',  I couldn't help but ask, 'Are you sure?  Don't you want to take just one more tube????'

Work is winding down.  School is winding down.  Check writing for activities is at an all time is the clutter in my little house on my little street.  Blood volume is (I hope) back to normal.  So is my mood.  (depending on who you ask....but only believe the good reports.) 

The males?

Still hoping for a momma who makes lunch.  

Me, too.


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  1. Here's another thing - inspired by your blog this week - that I wanted to ask you about today: the 5 Min.a Day Bread Making! So, I was reading the pages offered online & realize that page 7 was probably the actual "secret recipe" because it was 'omitted'!? So would you mind scanning the recipe to me? I think Ruth would enjoy trying, too - as she used to be quite the bread baker before Mexico...btw, "you look Fabulous" & it's not just the cool haircut. What's your secret? =o)


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