Monday, May 21, 2012

A Date to Club 33

Saturday night was a long awaited date night...that guy that I like so much had returned from an exhausting trip to Europe (choir tours are a blast for the students but a ton of work for the director!) and a friend offered us something big.

Like totally big.

She offered up reservations to Club 33 at Disneyland.

We were sooooo excited...I mean, it's Club 33!  (for those that aren't Disney freaks,  it's a private members only restaurant in the park.  An EXPENSIVE, private, members only restaurant in the park.)

We had been given annual passes for Christmas but hadn't had any time yet to's been a rather nightmarish semester around these parts, so we finally purchased them on Saturday, which is normally a black out day on our cheap SoCal plan, with the plan of swing dancing on Main Street before dinner.

Sadly, swing dancing was being refurbished.  Or, rather,  the pavilion where they hold the swing dancing was being refurbished.  Secretly, I was kinda glad....I'm a rock star swing dancer in my little house but in public?  Not so much.  Probably because I learned at the senior center, so I swing dance like a senior.  A 95 year old senior.  


So you ring the secret bell and they come out to get you, escort you in and smile while you tell the peeps working there that you are SO excited to be there that you almost can't handle it.

Load up in the ancient elevator that many a famous person has ridden in.  Try and act cool.  Fail miserably.

Like I said, it's a million dollars...but who cares.  You only live once and well, you only live once.  Minimum amount required per person...$76.  Gulp.  But hey, it's Club 33!

We had a lovely corner table (not sure if there was a bad table in there...) right next to Ginnifer Goodwin's birthday party...and she was taking pictures of everything, too.   It's just that kinda place.

The food was amazing.  Like, really amazing.  We each ordered the Vintners menu but subbed out the entrees and dessert and the food (and wine...lotsa wine!) just kept coming and coming and coming.

So very, very yummy.

That guy that I like so much (of course) became BFF's with our server and pretty soon we were celebrating our anniversary a little early.  Good thing, since we'll be eating at home on our actual anniversary.


Part way through dinner, they brought us out onto a balcony to watch Fantasmic...we hadn't seen it in a long time so it was so fun.  More fun?  People watching from up there.

We were told to do a bunch of stuff...ride the elevator up, stairs down.  Use the bathroom (the toilets are thrones...kinda weird, but kinda cool) and sneak (our server told us to!) a towel.  Pay with a credit card and they'll let you keep the pens.  Ask to go on the balcony during the fireworks and fantasmic.  

We were total first timers and did it all.


We were there for 3 hours and had just enough time to sneak onto Pirates before heading then the park was closed.  Truly a once in a lifetime experience (can't afford to go there again!) but soooo worth it.

And to my friend Cynthia...THANK YOU!  Truly magical.


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  1. Hi there! We were there that night too! Found your blog while googling ginnfer goodwin at club 33. We acted the same way you did -- big Disney fans and giddy about being there!

    Becky, from Wisconsin.


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