Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back In America

The day started out like most days do...early morning work for me, coffee for that guy that I like so much and school for the younger boys.

But mid afternoon, that guy that I like so much and I hit the road for a little adventure.

First up was Roscoe's in a not so nice area of Los Angeles.  Security in the parking lot at 4:30pm?  Yes.  Thankfully.  Table by the window where we can watch our car?  OK.

Roscoe's is famous for fried chicken and waffles and we had heard so much about it that we were intrigued.  This is health food to the max...waffles with loads of butter and syrup, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and gravy.  Nuthin' green anywhere to be seen.  

I. loved. every. single. bite.  Oh my...fried chicken and waffles together?  I can't even imagine not eating them together ever again...not that I eat fried chicken all that much.  If Roscoe's were closer,  I would.  Often.

Awesomely awesome.

Who needs green anyway?

We had timed our supper with the arrival of the prodigal son's flight home, but then he was delayed and we had some time on our hands.

And where else would you go after eating a rather light and healthy meal of fried chicken and waffles?

Randy's donuts....of course.

Because life is too short to not binge on fried food.

Randy's is yet another Los Angeles landmark...and also conveniently located next to a gas station and the airport, so off we went.

The smell?  Heavenly.  Well, it probably would've been more heavenly if we weren't recovering from the fried smells of the restaurant....but we had a few stooges at home whom we knew would love a donut.  Or twelve.

This box of donuts just raised my popularity in my little house on my little street.  My ratings had dropped significantly do to the room cleanings that were required over the to say I am now back in the black.

With boys, it doesn't take much.  Thankfully.


And finally...he landed.  Tired and scruffy from traveling for close to 48 hours with hardly any sleep, but full of stories.  I am so proud of him and excited that he was able to have this adventure...but happy he is home, too.  

His first  American food.  

And finally...home.  Laundry.  A long, hot, private shower.  Sleep.

Nice having my trio all sleeping under one roof for the time being....I always sleep better when they're all here, too.


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  1. Donuts!!!! Every time I see the giant Randy's donut I think of the scempne in iron man 2 with Robert Downey jr sitting inside it


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