Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Woken Up By Rain

At 5:00am I was woken up by what sounded like a herd of elephants running on the roof of my little house on my little street...turns out the heavens had opened up and were pouring out buckets of water.

Torrential downpour.

I love listening to rain while laying in bed...though then I start thinking about all the crossing guards across SoCal who will be feeling 'flu-ish' and won't be able to work in the morning.  It's funny how that happens.  Or not.

We're halfway thru Spring Break today.  Last night found us drinking wine after supper while searching for destinations far and away to visit.  

With all that rain...the money tree might just bloom.

OK.  Not likely.  But dreaming is fun, too.


Brian's plans for today involve Sky High with friends and a request for tacos for supper.  Both are do-able.  Add in the cleaning out of his closet (his brother is moving home for the summer, which involves the two of them sharing a room) and the mama will be happy, too.


Other than that it's pretty quiet around here.  Brian is still sleeping, I've already been to the gym and that guy that I like so much is on his final push until the end of the school year.  The floors need to be mopped, but then again they always need to be mopped, so maybe that can wait.  Maybe I'll join my cat on the couch for a movie...I guess rain makes me feel lazy, too.


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