Friday, April 20, 2012

Just This Week


Why is it SO hard to get one decent picture with all three of my boys?

Close to impossible.



The sky.


Even more perfect?  WARM weather peeks it's way in every so often.  Oh, and tomatoes growing in the garden.  Both are happening and both are more than welcome.


Hanging out with the Stars.

Fun, but tiring.  


Creepy kitty eyes on a most perfect cat.


Work meeting (actually, an awards ceremony at the office for our crossing guards of the year) in LA and yes, I wore my bowling shirt, too.  


Also on Thursday?

A late night phone call to my BFF.  Actually, I'd call it a therapy session.  My Mom always told me that 'girls need girlfriends' and she was very, very right.



Payroll (so ready for summer vacation!) day.  A $6 late morning matinee (The Lucky One) with a girlfriend.  Errands, including picking up the dry cleaning, buying contact solution and figuring out something for supper that can be eaten on the go for that guy that I like so much (big concert weekend with a big rehearsal tonight), as well a load (or 7) of laundry.

Happy Friday!


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