Tuesday, April 3, 2012

All Around The House

The sun is not not just shining in SoCal this week, but it is providing warmth.

I've missed warm.

I celebrated, in between bible study and a trip to Costco, by sitting outside (barefoot, thankyouverymuch) and eating lunch (corned beef on rye with thousand island dressing) while chatting (excitedly, I might add) with the lemon tree and a few of the tomato plants.

I thanked them for hanging on during the big chill.


Our table group was in charge of snacks at bible study...I got up early and baked up some easy cinnamon muffins.

The smell of cinnamon in the morning?  Glorious.

Our family verse for the week.  Yes, it's Lent and yes, we're tuned in to the crucifixion and resurrection...but this week we've needed a little reminder about putting others ahead of ourselves.

Use the last of the toothpaste?  Toilet paper?  Contact solution?

Help a brother out and grab another from the closet.  With a happy heart, please.

Meet Mollie.  She's the Queen.

I personally think she is perfect, but then again I am the only family member she likes.

It's a girl thing.

I'm finishing up the 3rd book in the Hunger Games series...so good!  Any good suggestions for my next read...I'm on a roll with really good books!



  1. I am also reading the third book of the Hunger Games. Liz just loaned it to me from her Nook library. So cool we can do that! If you have not ready anything by Kate Morton, you MUST read The Forgotten Garden. It is a rich story combining contemporary fiction, historical fiction, gothic-style fiction, and fairy tale. You can also then read House at Riverton by her. Another really good book is Surprised by Oxford, a memoir of a woman who went to Oxford for graduate studies in romantic literature and discovered Christ. Have you read Bel Canto by Ann Patchett? It is a good novel that is currently being made into an opera.

  2. Did I already tell you about the Maze Runner series? Much like the Hunger Games and also a trilogy


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