Monday, April 2, 2012

The Weekend That Whizzed By

This whole gosh darned packed full to the brim weekend just whizzed right on by and now it's already the regular did that happen?

Friday night we had a real, honest to goodness date and let me just say that people who still get the chance to go on real, honest to goodness dates more often than once every few months should take advantage of that.

Kinda fun.


Saturday, that guy that I like so much had a preview day at the college followed by a concert to attend...I was at a banquet planning meeting followed by driving Brian all over the free world (child #3 having a social that allowed?) and came home just in time to climb into the car as that guy that I like so much pulled up out front.

Go, dog, go.

Saturday night was dinner at the Pastor's house of the new church we're at and sadly, we were just flat.  Tired.  Had nothing fun to give.

They tried (hard) but it was like milking a turnip and now I look back and feel soooo badly...and I'm just praying that we weren't as awful as I remember.

But I think we were.  Ugh.

Sunday  And after?  Lunch with the beautiful Ingrid at a new for all of us place...Hole Mole.

Amen to the fish tacos and amen to catching up on her absolutely crazy life.

And amen for her putting up with my boys.  They are seriously like a three ring circus...should've brought them with us the night before.  My life?  Dinner and a show, night after night after night.


Sunday afternoon?

The end.

Of an era, that is.

It was the final hoorah for a super fun time in all of our's just not often that a team just clicks (and the parents, too) the way these boys have.

I'm gonna miss them.

Who am I kidding?  Most of them will be in my kitchen tomorrow.


And here we are in the final push of the school year.

Ready?  Set?  Go!


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