Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Way My Brain Works

Today I needed a screw driver.  Not just any screwdriver, but the special handy dandy one that can turn from a flathead to a screwdriver by switching out the top part.

It wasn't in the toolbox, so I started to look in the laundry room.

I guess it's not really a laundry 'room' but more of a laundry 'closet'...but after living the first 10 years of marriage (and two little boys) with no washing machine,  I don't care what it's called.  

Actually, I do.  It's called LOVE.

Anyway, in the process of looking for the screwdriver, I decided to clean.

Cleaning became emptying and emptying became organizing and organizing became prepping and prepping became painting.

Farewell daffodil yellow.  Hello milk chocolate.

Now if only I could remember why it was that I needed the screwdriver in the first place.


1 comment:

  1. Isn't it interesting how one thing leads to another? But seems you had a plan for "milk chocotate" there before the lost screwdriver, no? I'm so ready to paint our multi-colored condo all white! And will start as soon as I'm back...


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