Friday, April 27, 2012

So Glad It's Friday

Mahjong.  I love it more than words can say.  I would love to play a real life game of it sometime...does anyone play real life games anymore?

Boy #2 is registered.

Me no likey likey.  At all.  

Brother barber shop.  Those $40 clippers have saved me hundreds and hundreds of dollars...but even better?  Brother bonding time.  


Work.  This week has been rough.  The sad part is that it is not going to get better for the next little bit because of a crisis in one of my cities.  Oh, the drama.  Oh, the need to call me to complain.  Oh, the need to yell at me.  Oh, the party I am going to have on the first day of summer.

My other work?  Thriving.  We've yet to hit that 'after Christmas' lull...and I am thankful.  I'm registered for an advanced metal-smithing class in May and I am so excited...I've been wanting to take this particular class for quite some time but haven't been able to fit it in.  But now it's on the calendar and (fingers crossed!)...I'm going!  What does that mean?  Hopefully an expansion of my line if I learn what I am hoping to learn.

Thursday night taco bar.  My 'cool mom' status has definitely been bumped up...especially since it had hit an all time low.  Do they seriously think I like to nag about things like wet towels on their bedroom floors?  

I actually told Brian that I go to sleep at night excited about the fact that the moment I wake up in the morning I will get to nag him FIRST THING....that my day doesn't go smoothly unless that has been accomplished.

He believed me.

Hence the taco bar.  His favorite.   See...I'm not alllll bad.

I could seriously eat a taco salad every day of my life and not get tired of it.  


OK, maybe not.  But a few times a week would be fine!

Happy Friday, everyone...what are your weekend plans?

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