Friday, February 17, 2012

What's Been Up This Week

Yeah, he looks like his dad...but his personality?  All his Mom's.  And once again, sorry Mom for my teen years.  I get it now.


Chocolate chip pancakes on a Saturday morning and my absolute new favorite...oatmeal pancakes.  I had a bunch (as in 50 or one eats the original flavor out of the giant Costco box) of instant oatmeal packets and just added a bunch of them to regular pancake mix.  With berry syrup?  Perfection on a plate.

Also last Saturday...the Laker girls were at the gym.  Alex and his best friend (since kindergarten!) just had to boy's flat top cracks me up.  He's going for 5 inches...I'm choosing to not say a word in the hopes that the novelty will wear off and he'll cut it.  

Repeat after's just hair.  It's just hair.  It's just hair.

They scored brother points by getting Brian an autograph.

My bible study is doing the new Beth Moore study of James.  It's intense, in a good way intense.  There are different levels and one of them is to write the book out by hand as we're working our way through it.  The other?  To memorize the WHOLE book.  I will say, scripture is so powerful when read out I've been doing just that lately.

Our final basketball game...a CIF game, was Wednesday night and our boys lost. And it was OK...because as they said after,  'you gotta lose at some point'.
I absolutely adore all these's unlike anything I can put into words.  The parents are my friends and the boys are like has been pure joy to see them each and every week.  Of the 8 seniors, 7 have been on the same team since 4th grade.  Considering the fact that we've played year round,  roughly 48 weeks a year for those 8 years...well, it's been a big part of our life.  

I will miss it so much.

And my boy?  He declared (and what's scary is that everyone listens) the day after a 'ditch day' so they could all 'hang out, eat cartons of ice cream and watch The Notebook'.  So that's what they did...too funny!


I am happy that it's Friday!

What are your weekend plans?

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