Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feeling Normal

Last night was a rare (as in we have ONE this WHOLE week) night at home for that guy that I like so much and I.  The younger two were at practice and let me just say, having another driver in the family is a HUGE blessing...but that guy that I like so much and I?  HOME.
(chicken vesuvio)

Just as I was serving up supper, in came our oldest with his basket of laundry.  He seems to have an inner antennae that alerts him to his mama's cooking and he always times it just right.  He's got brains, I tell ya.  Soon after, the others returned home and we had one of those fun family dinners that make up for all the not so fun family dinners...the ones where someone is in trouble or mad or bothered.

The ones where our mealtime turns into life lesson time rather than the relaxed and happy environment that it should be.  Or is that only at my house?

Anyway, we all ended up sitting at the table for over 3 hours...boys were on laptops and iPads looking up basketball stuff and college stuff and movie stuff and I was reading my Rome travel book (you know, in case the money tree blooms) and it was loud and crazy and fun.

Not bad for a school night.

(the leaning tower, brought home from Italia)

I got so much done yesterday...all the laundry plus phone calls to 97 crossing guards (for reals) plus a workout plus cooked a big pot of gravy and sausage plus a stock up trip to Target and then a family dinner?

Felt good.

Felt normal.  And I like normal.

This morning began with 'crack of dawn still dark and cold outside' work phone calls.  Sadly, that's normal...and I just said that I like normal.  

Gotta take the good normal with the not so good normal...right?


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