Friday, February 3, 2012

Round Three

That guy that I like so much and I played a bit of hooky this afternoon and drove off into the sun for lunch at one of our favorite lunch places.  And we just might have split a split of champagne, too.  In the middle of the day.


We needed more than a split of champagne today...turns out our lunch was a planning session as to how to deal with our youngest, child #3, who was snotty.  To a teacher.  

Oh no, he di'int.

Well, he did.  And he's busted.  And in his defense, not that he has one, but it was a sub and the whole class had a little too much fun that day.   But hello?  If your whole class jumped off a bridge, would you follow?


I'm not sure if the way we handled it would be something we want to remember.  You'd think the poor kid had robbed a bank or somethin'.  Oh well...pretty sure it won't happen again (the snottiness that is, not the bad parenting seems we are gettin' better at being inadequate, tired, worn out parents) and he can add this to the list of things to discuss with his therapist when he gets older.

Is it Happy Hour yet?

Other than that, lunch was lovely.  Just two people who fell in love and were blessed with children.  Thankfully, champagne at lunch is just fine.  Very, very fine.


Big, big game tonight.  Pre-game routine is always the same...a double wrapped, double meat Chipotle burrito followed by a power nap followed by a salami sandwich.  With mayo.  Not sure how he manages to run up and down the court without barfing, but he does.

At least two of the three seem to be sailing on smooth waters.  


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