Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Man Oh Man

Take a rather large and in charge flank steak, ask a boy to pound it thin (boys plus meat plus heavy hammer equals a good combination) and stuff it with bread crumbs and parmesan cheese and garlic.  Roll the whole thing up and tie it with string, brown it in olive oil and then bake it in your favorite gravy (also known as spaghetti sauce) for a few hours.  

Slice, serve with pasta and watch grown men weep.  Trust me.

Sunday was the SuperBowl and on the way to my bro/sis in-laws I made sure to fill my brain with football information.  Basically, I found out who was playing, who the quarterbacks were and who the half time show was gonna be.

The important stuff.

And then once there, I sat myself by the guacamole and chips and only moved every time a commercial came on.  

And I can tell you this...one of the teams playing won.


My oldest came with and broke bread with his cousins...

...and watched the exciting game through his eyelids.


Monday night...my middle boy and his team became league champions.




Rain.  Baked pasta.  A glorious night home.  Slippers.  A DVR full of shows.



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