Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Needing to Chill Out

This has been a long week.  And, wait for it, it's only Tuesday.


In my defense, that guy that I like so much skipped town (with 50 college students) and there's just something about him being gone over a weekend that makes it feel like it's not a weekend at all.  And time just seems to move sooooo slowly.

But he comes home tonight and so this is kinda sorta like Friday.  At least to me.

I've been grumpy.  I met a friend at Marmalade's for breakfast, but lo an behold and sadly so...it's shut down.  Just like most restaurants at the District...but oh, how I will miss the granola pancakes (purchased with the buy one, get one free coupon) in front of the fireplace.

So we hopped across the way and sat in the sunshine and I had a sugar free raspberry mocha in a big 'ole mug.  Yummy.

And then?  Ugh.  I cried for a solid hour with my girlfriend.  Not just a sniffly cry but an ugly cry and she, being the kind of friend that she is, cried right along side me.  And she had nothing to cry about.


The bottom line?  My job has gotten SO bad that I almost can't handle it.  And she listened and listened and listened some more.  June will be here soon.  Right?

So then I came home and dug around my paint collection for any color already owned paint that could cover up the daffodil yellow I once painted the laundry room...and lucky me, I found some chocolate brown.  Milk chocolate brown.

I got as far as a test patch and I like it...with white shelves.  Now to unload everything and get started with the primer.  

Sunday morning was rough in every sense of the word.  The drive to church has suddenly become hard...the 30 minute drive that used to be all about us being all together is now about us being apart.  And I'm not handling it too well.

Brian dawdled.  I got angry.  I sped, got a ticket and told Brian it was because he dawdled.

My mothering these days?

Not good.  Not good at all.


Oh, and in a funny twist?  My job (that I don't like so much) has me working with cops...and one of them 'fixed' my ticket.  For reals.  Pretty sure it's God's way of telling me to 'chill out.'

So, I'm trying to have an attitude adjustment and find the good, rather than dwell in the bad.

My job will end in June and financially, that will be ok.  Two weeks after Easter we will once again be worshipping in the same place, at the same time...only this time it will be 3 blocks from our little house.  That guy that I like so much comes home today and is on Spring Break the rest of this week.  Yippee!  

All will be well.

Deep breath.


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  1. Praying for you my friend. When it rains it pours---and it sucks. :( But it will bettter. Bloggy hugs and real life prayers.


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