Thursday, February 9, 2012

And Just Like That...'s over.

(the boys went retro...LOL!  Alex is #25, in front.)
 The thing is...I get music.  Band.  Drum and Bugle Corps.  Theater.  Choir.

I get all that.  And it's a blast.  

The whole sports thing?  Kinda foreign to me...or at least it was until I gave birth to my middle boy.  It has been SO MUCH much for him as for me.  The first time he played basketball in 4th grade we knew he had some talent in that skinny little body of his, but who would've known it would evolve into years of sitting in gyms and traveling and deep friendships?

Not me...but what a fun ride it has been.


Last night was Senior Night...the very last league game for Alex.  We got to escort him onto the court and then cheer him on to a win.  Of the 8 seniors, 7 have played on the same team since 4th grade...and being crazy, dug out retro (as in the 80's) uniforms and played in the shortest shorts I have ever seen.  Too funny.  They are headed to play-off's next week, so we do have at least one more game...whew.

And Matteo?  I'm bringing my basketball cheering to your senior recital.  Gonna liven up the crowd.  Be warned.


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  1. girl, those boys are towering over you!!! You look beautiful with all your guys. :)


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