Friday, March 4, 2011

This Weeks Pictures

I had to laugh when I finally got around to downloading the pictures off of my camera from the last week (and a half) and now I know for sure that I take the strangest pictures ever known to man.

Even stranger? I'm gonna share them.


I had a coupon for a free lunch from IKEA and decided to take advantage of it.

FREE. I love me some free stuff!

My diet coke was not free, but I was running low in the caffeine department and had to have one.

And looky, looky...they use that same awesomely amazing ice that Sonic uses! The kind of ice you can chew on and it breaks apart in your mouth rather than breaking your teeth.

And yep, I sat there for an hour chewing on ice. A whole hour. All by myself. Chewing on ice. For an hour. All alone. Chewing ice.

You get the picture.

The only thing bothersome about my quiet hour spent chewing ice was the billboard featuring jarred herring.


And I'm not picking on the nordic folks who eat this...the Italians eat baccala, which is just as nasty.

On Tuesday, I made a prime rib. Just because it was Tuesday. No other reason.

It's kind fun to do that sometimes.

Two of my boys watching basketball. I have no idea why I took this picture, but there you have it. And the wall over the's not working for me.


We ordered a ginormous pizza one night in between a doctors appointment and a band concert. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

McD's has shamrock shakes again and I am embarrassed to admit to this, but I had 3 this week alone.

I know, I know, I KNOW.


(life has been a bit stressful a round these parts and a shamrock shake is cheaper than therapy...)


Brian's basketball team made it the final championship and sadly, they lost...but 2nd place is so very, very cool!

And of my kitchen windows.


I need to raise the curtain rod and this was going to be for a before/after kinda post, but I'm too tired to change it.

So just consider it a before AND after photo.



  1. Lol! I so rlate to the last picture and caption! Been there before friend! I've missed you friend, I was very glad to see your update this morning. Have a great weekend.

  2. I was in need of some smile therapy, which your photo-journalism brings! Also made me hungry & determined to bring variety & quality to the table again: must photo-share my fisherman & baker at local saturday market! It's strange cooking just for 2, when one of you will eat anything, doesn't notice big efforts or artistic-ness!

  3. You're the NEW Blog of the Week over on Blog Mommas!!! Congratulations!!! :]


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