Monday, March 28, 2011

Prayers Needed

Blogging is an interesting thing and while I share lots of the fun stuff of my everyday life and the lives of those close to me, I (obviously) don't share everything.

But I will share this.

A few months ago, the bottom fell out of my (our) world. Actually, it was not my world so much as the world of one of my boys...which as any mama knows, that is my world.

I chose not to blog about it because it's not my story to tell. It's his story, and while it affects every member of our household, it is his story to share if and when he chooses.

What I thought was the bottom actually wasn't because this weekend, the bottom truly fell out. I now see that God was preparing me for the actual falling out by having it happen in stages.

I guess we needed that.


But here's where you come in....could you pray for us? Specifically, prayers that that guy that I like so much and I can be the best parents for our son (God will know which one) right now. And prayers that we can best guide him through the next phase of his journey.

I'd appreciate it.

In regular bloggy news, weekend eats included a fantastic rum cake that was made by the hostess of a get together we went to. I'll try and get the recipe.



  1. I am glad you asked - and I am glad to answer this: that child has TWO fathers who love & guide him, and one of them never sleeps! Another promise that has comforted me as a parent and still now, is psalm 34:7, which I personalize with their names - knowing it may be only me that 'fears Him' sometimes. (but Cornelius' faith was deemed, by Paul, as sufficient for 'his whole household', right?)

  2. Ugh....foot in mouth from yesterday. Shoot. I am sorry for being the girl with no filter. Prayers done. Funny enough, Beth M. and I were doing our thing last night and y'all were tugging on my heart. Love y'all and next time, I'll work on keeping my mouth shut...always a work in progress me and my mouth. Team parents, we're all rooting for you and that kiddo too.

  3. Dear sister in Christ,
    Although we've never met I feel your heart ache and may even understand it fully. My husband and I, too, have experienced painful times because of choices that our precious son made. I have also not shared his story with many, except those that have faithfully carried us and him in their prayers, because it is his to tell. God is in the midst of redeeming his past and using it for HIS glory.
    I want to encourage you as God's Word has encouraged me. These are but a few of His words that have carried me through the stormy times. John 14:1,27 Jeremiah 32:17,27
    I'm praying for you and your son.
    It was not chance that I stumbled on this page today.
    In Him, Michelle
    , Michelle

  4. Some kids have to learn life lessons the hard way...and unfortunately that makes it hard for the parents too. Continue to rest in the Lord and to look to Him for wisdom in parenting. Psalm 33:11, 18-22 may give you some comfort and assurance. I'll be praying for you!

  5. Prayers to you my friend and for your son. So, so difficult to be unable to intervene and make all right for our kids. God's blessing and peace for you and yours my friend.

  6. Prayers said. I hope all will soon be well at your house. Miss you and our wonderful chats, Michele.

  7. Your family is always in my prayers, but extra are going up right now!!!! Love you!!!!


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