Monday, March 7, 2011

Back Together Again

On Saturday morning that guy that I like so much returned home from across the ocean.

He looked a decade younger thanks to sandy beaches and books to read and drinks with umbrellas in them.

I looked a decade older thanks to being left home with a temperamental dryer, a temperamental 17 year old and sadly, a temperamental 12 year.

Oh, and two hormonal cats.

But on Sunday morning, we were all together again. In the same church.

I spent a lot of time last week feeling sorry for myself. And complaining. It's pretty safe to say I wasn't the most pleasant person to talk to, though in my defense I was dealing with lots of temperamentals and he was dealing with the aloha spirit.

So I feel my mood was somewhat allowed.

But now he is home.

And yesterday we went to church knowing our oldest son would be playing there (bonus!) and once again bribed him with food before he went back to school.

Hello, Portillos. Your italian beef is yummy. Really yummy. And messy, too.

But more than being tasty, I slowly felt it bring some life back to me. My family was altogether again. I began to relax and may have even smiled a real smile rather than a smile were I grit my teeth.

And I've noticed...a happy mama makes for a happy house.

And for the biggest news ever:

I am officially the shortest person in my family now.

Yep, the baby has passed me up. Must be all that food he is consuming lately.


After we measured him, I grounded him for growing up.


1 comment:

  1. Well at least Ryan will always be our shortest. =) Glad that week is over. It seemed to go on forever, even from HERE!!


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