Friday, March 18, 2011

Lunch At The Lime Truck

I called that guy that I like so much at work to ask him for some afternoon driving help (did I really book two boys for appointments at the same time on opposite ends of town?) and ended up with both driving help AND a lunch date.

I'll take it.


We ended up searching out our beloved Lime Truck, parked in a business park nearby.

I love their menu. Different everyday but always amazing.

We shared a bunch of stuff...the cuban, the ahi and (a moment of silence, please)...the goat cheese.

Oh, and an apricot limeade.

A free apricot limeade, because that guy that I like so much and the lime truck guy became BFF's (not surprising) and he ended up giving us some free stuff.

Pays to know people?

So here's my shameless plug. If you live in SoCal, please seek these guys out and try their food.

It's THAT good...I mean, who can resist eating california beach cuisine made in a bright green truck?

And then we got into our respective cars and drove our separate ways...but happy that we snuck in a few minutes of alone time.

Gotta grab it when we can!


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