Sunday, December 26, 2010

Summing It All Up

Twas the day after Christmas and here we sit,
waiting and waiting for the coffee to drip.

The babe, He was born and celebrated with glee,
The tree was all decorated for everyone to see.

The middle of my boys who towers over all,
gave his Grandpa an early gift...his pants didn't fall!

After singing carols at church with family and friends,
we dined at Maggiano's, our annual trend.

We had a private room with a cute little tree,
Dear gnocchi, I love you. Marry me, please?

My oldest, the Italian, looks so grown now,
The time has just flown and I don't know how.

The boy in the middle with the twinkle in his eye?
He keeps us laughing so hard that we can't help but cry.

This one will always be my little boy blue,
he pulls my heart's totally true.

Santa did come while all were asleep,
an xbox kinect was an unexpected treat.

He also left a gadget for the tallest one,
buying for him is especially fun.

That guy that I like so much was so very glad,
for under the tree, there was an iPad!

The Italian made lunch for all to eat up,
a 19 pound prime rib followed for all to sup.

The uncle and niece cuddled up a storm,
Now that she's moving, it isn't the norm.

Two German men and one little toy,
a screwdriver, some stickers...oh curses, oh boy!

Spoiling babe Logan with sugary pop,
after drinking he was wound as tight as a top.

The girlies worked hard on a gingerbread house,
I threw it away after...I'm sorta a louse.

Cookies, I love thee, oh yes I do,
All that's left are just a few.

Ending it all was a late night card game,
I bet it all on one hand which was totally lame.

And today, the day after, we are all feeling lazy,
My brain is still a little bit hazy.

Christmas 2010 has come and gone away,
The memories, though, will surely stay.

(yes, I know this was totally corny.)



  1. Corny but cute! It sounds as if you had a wonderful Christmas. I hosted Christmas Eve dinner for Mike's side of the family with cranberry chicken, wild rice, asparagus, salads, and gingerbread cake for dessert. We went to my parents' house on Christmas Day for a ham dinner. Thanks to Christmas gifts, we're all set for another summer at Ravinia. We got a classical grass pass which admits us to the lawn for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra concerts, and Mike gave me a fancy wheeled picnic set that has a cooler, plates, glasses, utensils, and even a wine cork. I gave him some early Doctor Who DVDs, so he has been glued to his laptop watching them all. Liz is happy with her new flat iron, blender, and Blu Ray player. I think Kate's Christmas celebration trumps all of ours...taking a Tolkien tour, visiting Shakespeare's birthplace, and attending a candlelight choral service in the church where Shakespeare is buried. You can check it out on her blog :)

    Tomorrow we're heading up to the North Woods of Wisconsin for winter family camp at Fort Wilderness Christian Camp. They have lots of snow (so do we!), and they'll be offering cross-country skiing, ice skating, horseback riding, sleigh rides, and an evening speaker. At least the temperatures are supposed to stay above zero!

  2. Oh my, Michele, you are also a poet! Is there any writing style you don't do? How did your November novel-contest go? I don't quite understand the premise there & always forget to ask's a question from/for Leif, whose car needs a door handle, the driver's side in fact! I mentioned you have used a Santa Ana mechanic who is cheap & good, if not always dependable!? (:


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