Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Year In Review


Alex returns to basketball following an injury; BLOOM blooms; our girls...Maggie and Mollie.


Matteo turns 20 (gasp!); Brian spends every spare moment at the beach; my business gets a makeover.


Paradise, within walking distance of our little house; lots of new things in the shop; lemons in our little backyard.


Is it wrong to spend this much time at the beach?; stealing a car we already own; the baby plays at Segerstrom Hall.


The garden is planted; fresh tulips are always a good idea; that guy that I like so much on his birthday (in Piazza Navona); us, in Italia.


Our little house loves summer; Matthew in drum corps, year 6; Alex having knee surgery (not fun. not fun at all.); Brian graduates 6th grade.


A weekend in San Diego with a couple hundred of our kin; our annual 4th of July pancake breakfast; the cousins come to visit; catching Matthew's show on the road.


More boogie boarding?; our besties come to visit making us long for our Colorado home; Matthew returns home after summer tour; a trip home to Chicago with my mom.


Alex, who vowed to grow his hair until he could play basketball again; a parting shot of my boys...Matthew moves back to college for his Junior year, Alex starts his junior year in high school and Brian starts 7th grade; Brian turns 12!


Alex gets new wheels; Brian becomes a disturbingly real-looking woman for Halloween; new in the shop!


Alex turns 17; we spend Thanksgiving in Pismo Beach with the family; my mama and Tom come for a visit and fix everything that is broken. =0)


A short haired Alex back on the court, months ahead of schedule; we fly up to San Jose for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary; our little house on our little street gets gussied up; Jesus is born!
Happy New Year!



  1. I love all the stories about your boys. And, I got to visit a corner bakery a few weeks ago and thought of you. :) In your honor, and on your recommendation, I had a bowl of oatmeal.
    I am passing the "stylish blogger" award on to you. You can grab the button off my blog at

  2. Michele, this is a beautiful way to summarize your year!! Is it difficult to get photos added like that? You know I only kept up with my own blog for one month - but I do love this format for a Christmas newsletter! Maybe I need another tutorial? I'll trade you for home-made bread I plan to make tomorrow. (:


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