Friday, December 10, 2010

Hooky Day

I played hooky.

And it was so wonderfully wonderful that I am still smiling.

My morning started with that guy that I like so much picking up bagels and bringing me a cup of coffee and a french apple million calorie bagel.

But calories don't count on days when you play hooky.

Did you know that?

I then took a long hot shower (and took a few work calls, but even those weren't so bad today) and headed out into the sunshine.

I'm loving how the leaves are changing.
Next up...a pedicure.

I won't mention how long it had been since my last one.

Too embarrassing.

But while in that chair I read a book.

Yep. A book.

The only sad part was I didn't have time to have somethin' Christmasy painted on....but they are still purty.
My happy toes then walked over to the theater and bought a ticket for a movie.

A $6.00 ticket.

I love Friday morning movies. And movie popcorn. And diet coke.
Once the movie let out, I ran over to the gem faire to pick up a few things and ran into my boss.

Too funny.

She was playing hooky, too.


And then I came home and did some laundry and cleaned the kitchen and disinfected the boys bathroom and answered emails and hammered some jewelry and ate blue cheese on crackers.
This weekend is pretty jam packed for us so today was such a gift.


What are your weekend plans?


  1. A hooky day sounds wonderful! Last night I went to a wonderful choir and orchestra concert at my church. This morning I went to the gym and then spent a couple of hours grocery shopping. We were pretty much out of everything, so I filled my cart to overflowing at Jewel and then picked up another bag of stuff at Trader Joe's. Now I'm ready to hibernate for the rest of the day. It's mid 30's and raining, and the rain is supposed to turn to snow tonight. I have firewood, some videos, the newest Jan Karon book, a husband at home, and a house with no college students for a few more days ;-)

  2. Sounds like a perfect day! And those toes sure are purdy.


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