Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Hood

In our neighborhood there is a little teeny tiny hill that we call the grassy hill.

Original, huh?

There's nothing to it yet our kids have grown up playing on and around this hill...they've played tag and had picnics and played trucks and army guys and football and had talent shows on it.

Our community even has a small town America 4th of July parade and one year our neighborhood (thanks to the 2 resident architects) designed and built a 'grassy hill' float...complete with a (suprise!) grassy hill on it. We piled all the kids on it and made a huge banner that us moms carried in front of it along the parade route.

I think we even won a ribbon.

I am sure that some will look at it and see nothing, but whenever I walk by this little hill I am flooded with memories. The house may be tiny according to others standards, but this little neighborhood with its silly little hill is huge.

I had an impromptu cup of tea catching up with the who is currently living in England and another who is teaching English in Guadalajara, all of us connected because of that little grassy hill.

I am thankful.

I was also honored to be able to use the Miss America mug.


Once home we took a look at our real Christmas tree and noticed that it was now a real dead (and brown) Christmas tree.

So that guy that I like so much carried it off into the sunset Paul Bunyon style.

We are now in Christmas limbo. The lights are still up and so are the decorations, but we are tree-less.

How about you...when do you take your tree down?


  1. The tree from our family room made it out to the front porch last night. I was hoping that my husband would take it to the curb when he came home from work. Too bad for me that he came in through the garage... Today I have to figure out how to get the other tree out of the basement. Anyone have a video camera and wanna watch?!?! This could get interesting...

  2. Miss America???? I would like to see a video of the swimsuit competition. (just thought I would beat all the other crazy relatives to that comment)

  3. I usually take my tree down on New Year's Day, but I may take it down early this year since I am back at school on Monday. That way I can put things away, clean, and still enjoy the weekend before my vacation ends. It's felt like a really nice break this year...a visit to the big city, seeing Wicked again, Christmas celebrations with family and friends, and a trip to Fort Wilderness in northern Wisconsin.

  4. I love this post - and almost cried as I recalled even earlier neighborly events: 2 American Girl plays on our patio, a mother-daughter talent show in my living room, all the girls dancing in front of Dana's my 'little girl' all grown up and living in Mexico! I will remind her to check your blog soon...she starts the 2 college jobs with an orientation tomorrow. I'd love to see Alex play ball & Matt play trumpet or sing while I'm home this month: keep me posted!


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