Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Well Rested

I slept for 8 hours last night and awoke feeling like I had slept for 8 hours.

What a blessing.

I had a moment of panic job, old job (Bella Michele...which if shortened is BM and sounds kind of gross, so I can never shorten it like I do M's name. Which, btw, I don't shorten because I don't want his name known. ((even though if I could start over, I probably would have been more careful about all the info I share online)) I shorten it because when I type fast, I always, always, always type it as Michale instead of Michael and I get tired of having to go back and correct instead I just type M. Aren't you glad you asked?), end of summer who needs shoes (Alex needs 3 new pairs, sigh...court shoes, practice shoes and everyday shoes, all in a size 13), school supplies, and getting Matthew packed and moved.

But the bathrooms are cleaned and I got 8 hours of sleep.


Brian is at skateboard camp this week from 8-1, which he's been signed up for since the beginning of summer and has turned out to be a HUGE blessing. I have been able to get started on my new job while he is there and he is none the wiser that I haven't been home.

They skateboard all morning at the skate park and are learning lots of new tricks, eat lunch and then play fun games until pick up time.
Taco Tuesday. Or Taco salad Tuesday. You choose.

With the best margarita EVER.
Alex is home all week and the end of summer boredom has hit for the kid who doesn't quite know what to do with free time. Actually, he does know what to do with his free time which is why he is home all week. He can have friends in but can't leave, so my grocery bill is huge and I am pretty sure he will answer his cell from now on.


I am going to shovel out my garden this morning and then catch up on laundry. Haven't quite thought through supper yet...I am trying to clear out the outside freezer, so we are eating all kinds of very creative things. I did pull out an assortment of bone-in chicken, but not enough to feed my family, as well as a small package (again, not enough to feed my family) of pork we'll have some sort of mixed grill tonight.

The temps have dropped...not enough to shut the windows, but there is a definite chill in the air. ('s in the mid 70's!!) Makes me crave things like roast beef and mashed potatoes!

Oh...and if you are craving Fall like me, check out my cousins blog. She is SUPER crafty and has some really charming things for sale!


  1. A "chill" in the air, and it's in the 70's? Come here for a visit in Jan or Feb if you want to feel a "chill".

  2. Brian is none the wiser that you are not home? Why in the world would he care where you where, he's a boy after all!


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