Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still Summer Here

T minus 15 days until summer is over.

In some ways I am ready for much as I love (and long for!) the schedule-less days of summer, by the end I am just needing everyone to have a bedtime.


This morning was a dental appointment for Brian...who is the one and only boy in our house to inherit his fathers teeth.

Not his heavenly father, by the way, because then his teeth would be perfect. And free.

But his earthly father. The one with the million dollar mouth.

"An orthodontists dream!" was the quote I heard this morning, which made me clutch my purse a little closer to my side....and made my little boy, who loves to play trumpet, a little sad.

So we grabbed a friend and headed to the skatepark. Again. Picked up Burger King on the way. Again. They skated. Again. I glistened, which is a nice way to say sweat, and made phone calls. Again.

And all were happy.


It's hot here.

Not sure what else to say about that.

It's just hot.


We then hit Target and Costco and now Brian's friend is sleeping over. Alex spent the day enjoying freedom and texted me with updates all day long (good boy) and after eating supper at a neighbors, was home with 5 minutes to spare. (even bettter) Matthew popped home for a bit to pick up more was nice to see him here, too.

Supper, with the AC blasting, was a simple baked fish and a bottle of wine, eaten with that guy that I like so much...who posted his choir call back list and ran, ran, ran all the way to his car. Oh...and we watched Something's Gotta Give, which I took a little snooze during.

And now I am wide awake. I just organized all my work files and am ready to be up and running for the first day of school.



  1. Your style of writing is engaging. Three boys, hmmm. I had three girls and one boy. Equally difficult, but I survived.

  2. Speaking of ortho stuff, I made the appointment for Matt to get the work up next month. Then I can find out the damaged and how much braces will be. He inherited Russ' teeth :(

  3. Thanks, Suzanne! i just peeked at your cute! =0)


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