Saturday, August 8, 2009


On the phone with the cable company yesterday:

cable operator guy: yes, ma' appears that your cable box is not communicating well.

me: yeah, neither is my 15 year old. any suggestions?


Utter silence.

So after making a fool of myself, I cooked. For starters...bruschetta.

Does the picture below look like summer to you? Not to me...and not to that guy that I like so much.

Next up...spaghetti with roasted tomatoes and sausage and red pepper flakes and basil and a leeeeetle sploosh of cream.

Otherwise known as a smile in a bowl.

This morning that guy that I like so much became Paul Bunyon and chopped back the citrus trees, thanks to our association's letter informing us that our trees were...basically, touching the fence.

In reality, the trees needed to be trimmed anyway...they are winter citrus and need to be cut way, way back during the summer months, and yes, they were not only touching the fence, but growing up, over and through the fence.

And the thorns are like a mile least according to our meter guy who was having trouble reading our meter.
Yet another one of the things I love so much about my little house on my little street....limes at my disposal, which makes my margarita's much more happy than they would be without a fresh lime. And an unhappy margarita is...well, not cool.
Summer is ending, but the flowers are not.
And just now I turned around and asked Miss Mollie to smile for me...and she did.

Isn't she perfect?

When Paul Bunyon finishes out back, we are going to steal away and see Julie & Julia. Alex and Brian are going to stay here...Brian discovered a huge bucket of army guys in the attic while the furnace people were up there on Friday, and they have set up a ginormous battle. So cute! Matthew comes home tomorrow morning, so our houseful will once again be full...just the way I like it.


  1. James has battles with army guys all the time. Then the army guys get clobbered by the Bionicles, or better yet, Lego star ships with Lego guys. The entire battlefield is huge - usually the entire living room or family room.

    I can send you a 13 yr old who loves to communicate and talk. (oh, and he hates sports!)

  2. I remember being at the beach with the girls during the summer and there would be boys with entire army battles set up in the sand with castles, moats, bunkers, and more. It was so much fun to watch them.


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